The Chevy Sonic = Fun!

To me fun is, bungee jumping, sky diving, and playing in a band … over the past few months the 2012 Chevy Sonic has done all of those things! But it’s coolness doesn’t stop there, Rob Dyrdek, from MTV’s Fantasy Factory, pulled out a kickflip (which is essentially a roll over in the air before landing safely back on its wheels) in it! “The Sonic’s power and sportiness make it the perfect vehicle for this awesome stunt.” says Dyrdek.

Here is the Sonic adventure video compilation “Stunt Anthem”

Not only is the Sonic one adventurous little car, but it’s also safe!  The 2012 Chevy Sonic has been given the distinct honor of a 5-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The Sonic garnered the overall 5-Star safety rating following evaluations in rollover resistance, and side/frontal crash, including the “pole test” in which the vehicle was driven into a poll or tree at 32 km/h.

“We developed the Sonic to exceed customer expectations of subcompacts in terms of segment-leading safety features. From the largest vehicles in the lineup to the smallest, we are putting overall crash worthiness at the top of the list of must haves.” said Gay Kent, a GM executive for Vehicle Safety.

If you’re ready for a new kind of car with a healthy appetite for adventure while keeping you and your passengers safe, Stop by JBA Chevrolet, we’ve got your next car!

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