We knew it was a winner – Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze. Everyone is talking about it, the plant in Ohio is running three shifts plus overtime to keep up with demand, and it has top safety ratings from both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s a winner… we knew it would be.

“Everywhere in the world where we launched the car, it just took off. So we knew the hardware was really good,” said Chevrolet sales chief Alan Batey. Cruze sales have gone through the roof this year and the Lordstown plant is producing about 20,000 cars a month.

Chevrolet put a lot of love out into the world with this little beauty, both economically and environmentally. It looks good, it drives like a race car (being the World Touring Car Champion in GB, Italy & Brazil), and it will protect you and the ones you love if that need ever arises.

Stop by JBA Chevrolet to take your own Chevrolet Cruze out for a spin… it’ll be time well spent.

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