5 Fast and Easy Gifts for the Car Enthusiast on Your List

The holiday season is upon us, and Christmas is fast approaching. Have a car enthusiast on your list and don’t know where to start? Well, we’re here to help! From classic lovers, hard-core gearheads, to those just dipping their toe in the enthusiast universe, we’ve got some ideas for all budgets! So, here’s our top picks for the motorhead on your list

  1. Nascar and Chevrolet5a6bd0b82f041005846500146efa6b30.jpg
    : Got a Motorsport fan to buy for? There’s a wide variety of merchandise available from driver jackets, shirts, hats, and harder to find items like Corvette leather jackets and special, limited edition collector cars.
  2. k2-_dd976ee1-6276-4eab-9252-67ef693e451b.v1.jpgCar Care Items: Are they more of a detailing fanatic? You can get anything from the more budget-friendly microfiber towels and air fresheners, or some quality leather care items, paint protector and cleaning kits.
  3. Video Games: Is your car enthusiast more of a gamer? Racing video games and accessories might be the perfect gift for them! From the latest Gran Turismo to racing wheel accessories, you have some great options that will fit under the Christmas Tree.
  4. Movies and TV Shows: Casual car enthusiast? Try for a car-related show or movie like Top Gear or the Fast and Furious series.racing-games.jpg
  5. Vehicle-Related Smartphone Apps: Looking for something small? Try some smartphone apps readily available for iPhone and Android. Edmunds has compiled a great list here. Wheels also compiled a more recent list here.

Need something special for your gearhead? Contact our JBA Pro Shop manager directly at 443-695-4897 or email mrsmja186@aol.com. If you’ve waited until the last minute, ask about express shipment, pricing and availability.

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Chevy ‪Silverado with Z71 Offroad Package Showroom Feature


Check out this ‪Chevy ‪Silverado with Z71 Offroad Package in our showroom!


Inside and out, the available Z71 Off-Road Package has rugged looks, with a unique Z71 gauge cluster, including a unique Off-Road screen in the Driver Information Center, and grille. Custom Z71 graphics on the instrument cluster and pickup box, as well as brushed-aluminum sill plates and special interior accents, make this truck not only tough but stylish.12118600_959091644137526_3975850563762745382_n


  • Z71 Off-Road Suspension with Rancho® monotube shocks
  • Hill Descent Control
  • All-terrain tires
  • Underbody transfer case shield on 4WD models
  • Locking rear differential
  • Recovery hooks
  • Unique grille inserts and lower front bumpers
  • Unique grille cluster



  • Z71 gauge cluster
  • Brushed aluminum sill plates
  • Z71 graphics on instrument cluster and pickup box

This 2015 is marked down at JBA Chevrolet to $36,590 during our Model Year End Event.
See all of our Silverado inventory here: http://bit.ly/1jIpQ9y12143195_959091664137524_9020202529190774188_n

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Winter Driving 101

Winter driving can be treacherous and unpredictable, placing extra demands on your vehicle and your driving skills. Here are a few tips to help you make it through the winter as smoothly as possible.

  1. Be prepared (that’s always #1 isn’t it?!) – keep a blanket, boots, gloves and a flashlight in your vehicle. A bag of kitty litter is a good idea as well, it could help you if your tires are spinning.
  2. Keep your fuel tank above half full, this prevents fuel line freeze-ups when things get really cold.
  3. Nothing beats a set of maintained wipers in a blizzard or sleet storm, and make sure your washer fluid is topped up for those messier drives.
  4. Take your vehicle to your service technician and have them look at your battery & coolant system. Older batteries & weak antifreeze might not protect as well in cold weather & can actually cause damage to your vehicle when it’s not running.
  5. Understand how your breaking system works. If they’re anti-lock brakes don’t pump them, instead press firmly on the brake pedal and let the system do what it was designed to do, namely, stop your vehicle.
  6. Be sure to have proper winter tires and keep them properly inflated.
  7. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to avoid situations where you may have to break suddenly on a slick surface.
  8. If you really aren’t very comfortable driving during the winter, you might be interested in taking an advanced driving course that teaches emergency driving skills… give yourself the confidence you need to get to your destination safely.

If you need some maintenance work done on your vehicle or winter tires installed give us a call, 1-877-587-4355, we’d like to help you drive safe this winter.

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