Winter Driving 101

Winter driving can be treacherous and unpredictable, placing extra demands on your vehicle and your driving skills. Here are a few tips to help you make it through the winter as smoothly as possible.

  1. Be prepared (that’s always #1 isn’t it?!) – keep a blanket, boots, gloves and a flashlight in your vehicle. A bag of kitty litter is a good idea as well, it could help you if your tires are spinning.
  2. Keep your fuel tank above half full, this prevents fuel line freeze-ups when things get really cold.
  3. Nothing beats a set of maintained wipers in a blizzard or sleet storm, and make sure your washer fluid is topped up for those messier drives.
  4. Take your vehicle to your service technician and have them look at your battery & coolant system. Older batteries & weak antifreeze might not protect as well in cold weather & can actually cause damage to your vehicle when it’s not running.
  5. Understand how your breaking system works. If they’re anti-lock brakes don’t pump them, instead press firmly on the brake pedal and let the system do what it was designed to do, namely, stop your vehicle.
  6. Be sure to have proper winter tires and keep them properly inflated.
  7. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to avoid situations where you may have to break suddenly on a slick surface.
  8. If you really aren’t very comfortable driving during the winter, you might be interested in taking an advanced driving course that teaches emergency driving skills… give yourself the confidence you need to get to your destination safely.

If you need some maintenance work done on your vehicle or winter tires installed give us a call, 1-877-587-4355, we’d like to help you drive safe this winter.

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